Power Solutions UK Ltd

Power Solutions UK Ltd is one of the UK’s leading truly independent energy consultants. Committed to providing the right solution tailored to your business needs. With a portfolio of over 10,000 supply points and trading 15 years we have a proven track record across business of all sizes. With an everchanging energy landscape and continuous corporate, social pressure to move towards a greener future, we place sustainability at the forefront of our bespoke process.

Our methodology is very simple and focuses on four key components; Audit, Procure, Monitor and Manage. The first step is to perform both desktop procurement audits and on-site efficiency audits (where needed) to understand the sites current energy footprint. Based on the information gathered here we can then implement the correct renewable and procurement strategy for your business. From here, we can install a comprehensive, real-time energy management system to deliver granular insights to quantify the impact of the steps made. We continue to manage the energy needs of the business on an ongoing basis seeking continuous improvement towards a goal of cost and carbon neutrality.

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