Solar forges ahead without the Feed in Tariff

Now that solar PV is a real, unsubsidised market, Powersun reports increased interest. For all large organisations, the ability to mitigate ever increasing energy costs with a reliable and known technology is becoming important.

For self-investors who are high consumers, payback can be as high as 20 percent IRR and as short as 4 years.

Add to that fully available funding, giving complete installation with no Capex, and solar is irresistible. Simple Power Purchase agreements usually reduce this part of energy expenditure by at least 30 percent.

Localised renewable energy gives security: part of your energy supply is then outside the control of the BIG 6, and away from yearly above-inflation price hikes.

With energy storage and EV’s gaining popularity daily, a perfect energy triangle is coming – charge EV’s with cheap solar; charge batteries with cheap night-time power; use the batteries to allow faster EV charging.

With a decentralised electricity grid becoming ever more a reality, organisations large and small are realising the power of solar. A large roof stacked with panels can really make a difference, and Powersun are excited to be involved in changing the world of power.

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