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Automatic Doors

record is the largest manufacturer, installer and service maintainer of automated pedestrian doors in the UK.  Where efficient flow, hygiene and safe movement of large numbers of people is paramount, we have entrance and door solutions to meet your needs.  

record CLEAN hygienic and hermetically sealing sliding doors prevent the transmission of bacteria via air flow, whilst controlling temperature and humidity. Combined with easy to clean surfaces, CLEAN doors provide the highest levels of hygiene required in healthcare environments.

For safe, easy access for all, record STA 20 & CURVED sliding doors are ideal for main entrances especially on healthcare facilities that receive large volumes of people.

To automate new and existing doors, record’s DFA 127 swing operator is the solution. Available in a variety of applications including low-energy coupled with an almost silent operation, this operator is particularly suited for environments such as hospital wards, doctor’s surgeries and care homes.

Where space is limited on entrances or corridors record FTA 20 folding doors enable the width of the passage to be almost fully retained.

For further information on how record can help your healthcare facility.

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