Revive IT

Buying and recycling redundant IT hardware

Revive IT is an established and highly accredited data destruction and recycling company since 2008. The organisation operates nationwide and helps its clients ensure compliance with the Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment Regulations 2013 Act (WEEE) as well as the European GDPR directive through end of life compliance.

Revive IT offers two primary service offers, the first being a free nation-wide collection intended to return a zero-cost service to allow clients an ethical route to the recycling of their redundant IT and WEEE Equipment.

The company’s second service allows companies to release residual value in their redundant equipment and Revive IT can offer direct payment or charity donation on client’s behalf to fulfil Corporate Social Responsibility.

Every year IT and WEEE waste is discarded by households and companies in the UK, much of which contains hidden data and information in relation to your business and your customers. Revive IT ensures that risk is eliminated and the compliance and integrity of your data security is completely safe.

Data security and destruction is the company’s speciality and it is accredited by UKAS ISO 27001, 9001, 14001 to sanitise your equipment completely.

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