Trojan Bins

Trojan Bins in conjunction with their design team, were the originators of the first all plastic fire retardant sack holder, now widely accepted by the NHS as the product of choice. As an approved supplier within the NHS Supply Chain Framework, Scottish Sack Holder Framework and the Healthtrust Europe Framework, we have an impressive turn around on all orders, keeping in stock components to make over 3000 sack holders at any one time. All sack holders carry a 10 year Guarantee, subject to normal wear and tear.

Since the original conception, the product you get nowadays has been greatly enhanced with easy clean surfaces, including an enclosed base and removable body. All surfaces can be cleaned safely with solution strengths 10000 parts per million. All sack holders come with silent closing lids and secure bag rings as standard, as well as wheels on the larger sizes.

We are all aware of the impact that we are making to the planet. To this extent, we now insist from our material suppliers that all materials used are non toxic and that wherever possible component parts contain a large element of recycled material. Of course at end of life, ALL our products are 100% recyclable.

If you require more information, please contact us by telephone or email, or of course our dedicated Account Manager to the NHS Gary Stainthorpe, email or telephone 017981 732971.

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