The roll of call centres in the health system

Call centres have improved the work of customer contact within the healthcare sector. Richard Abdy explains how

Recognising excellence within the NHS

Health Business provides a review of the 2016 Health Business Awards and the winning hospitals and initiatives

Realising the value in patient safety

Don Redding of National Voices discusses the organisation’s Realising the Value programme and summarises the available concepts of value

Health Business interview: Norman Lamb

Health Business talks to Norman Lamb about NHS funding, mental health, innovation and hopes for the NHS in 2017

Showcasing purchasing pedigree

LPP's Laura Quirk outlines examples of how effective procurement and maximising purchasing power can produce significant savings across the NHS

Hospitals need energy - a lot of energy

The Solar Trade Association suggests that it is time that hospitals started to manipulate their large spaces to save energy.

Getting the Basics right

Derek Butler, chair of MRSA Action UK, discusses the importance of returning to the basics of hygiene as technology and bacterium speedily evolve

Helping hospitals overcome increased demand

Hospitals should consider an alternative to traditional construction to help ease the pressure on health services, says Jackie Maginnis

The rise of the digital patient

Sophie Castle-Clarke focuses on the digital tools that are starting to have an impact on patients looking after themselves

With the release of NHS Digital’s experimental statistics on the implementation of seven-day services, Health Business examines the findings and weighs up the pros and cons of seven-day care.


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