Survival rates for young cancer patients improving

Survival rates for teenagers and young adults with cancer in England are improving, particularly for those with leukaemia and bone cancer.

Long term support for race equality in NHS

NHS England has committed £1 million of annual funding to improve the experience of black and minority ethnic workers in the NHS.

Thousands of junior doctors working past end of shift

Almost 36,000 trainee doctors in England have worked beyond their contracted hours more than 63,000 times since 2015.

‘Game changing’ liver transplant treatment approved

NICE has approved a new procedure for use on the NHS which can store donated livers at body temperature, which slows the deterioration of the organ.

More funding for GP training places form recommendations

The final recommendations from the independent GP partnership review have been published including increased funding for GP training places.

New method to predict breast cancer risk

A study by Cancer Research UK claims that scientists have created the most comprehensive method yet to predict a woman’s risk of breast cancer.

Somerset scheme saves 7,500 nights in hospital

A pioneering NHS scheme in Somerset has helped patients avoid 7,500 nights in hospital and freed up at least £2 million for other services.

Stress causes quarter of paramedic sick days

Stress-related illness accounted for more than a quarter of sick days taken by paramedics in the North East of England last year.

PrEP Impact participants to double to 26,000

Researchers may increase the number of participants in the PrEP Impact trial from 13,000 to up to 26,000 by 2020 to match demand.

Ambitious strategy to tackle air pollution

Michael Gove has launched a long-term strategy to tackle air pollution and reduce particulates across much of the country by 2030.

£570 billion for local NHS allocated

Local health services have been allocated £570 billion to fund NHS services and implement the new NHS Long Term Plan.

NHS cancer treatment waits at worst ever level

Record numbers of patients are not getting vital cancer care on time because performance against waiting time targets has dropped to its lowest level.

Poor NHS provision failing young people

The Public Accounts Committee has warned that the majority of young people with a mental health condition are not getting the treatment they need.

3,000 extra GP appointments via Primary Care Network

GP practices in Luton have collaborated to provide more than 3,000 extra appointments a year, thanks to the Primary Care Network model.

Long Term Plan fails to deliver for current staff

A new survey has claimed that less than one in ten people believe the government’s NHS Long Term Plan offers enough support to existing staff.

2,350 A&E visits made by just 10 people in one year

Frequent A&E visitors put more pressure on the NHS and are unhelpfully contributing to the rise of healthcare costs.

NHS productivity boosted and exceeds national growth

NHS staff boosted productivity by three per cent in a single year, dramatically outstripping productivity growth in the rest of the economy.

Four in ten NHS bodies managing money poorly

The number of NHS bodies with significant weaknesses in their arrangements for delivering value for money for taxpayers is increasing.


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