HB heard from some of those working at NHSPS about their careers, what has changed since they started and what working in the NHS means to them

5 July 2023 marks 75 years of the NHS

With health sector vacancies at a record high, one NHS trust in Kent is battling back by offering more than 300 fully-paid apprenticeships, from nursing to administrators

The NHS must embrace the agency workforce. During this staffing crisis, recruitment agencies and temps are playing a crucial role in keeping wards open and the wheels of the NHS turning, writes Yerin Seo, senior campaigns advisor at the Recruitment and Employment Confederati

We are more aware of infection control than ever before. Covid, flu, mpox, though below their peak, are still around and we can’t get complacent. Here are some top tips for infection control in your building

NHS Providers recently published a report entitled: “No more sticking plasters: repairing and transforming the NHS estate”. HB investigates

Stockport NHS Foundation Trust’s Green Plan has been officially ratified at the trust’s most recent board meeting

Following his appearance at the Digital Health Rewired conference in March, Professor Ben Goldacre explains why information governance is not enough when it comes to protecting privacy

Chris Dimitriadis, chief global strategy officer at ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) on how public sector organisations can protect themselves from cyber threats

A new 3D anatomy teaching model has been launched which will feature the most expansive skin tone library ever available in global health education. Health Business spoke to some of those involved in the project

A recent report by Public Policy Projects has said that ICSs need to use digital innovation in order to reduce health inequalities. HB picks out some key points from the report

Researchers at the University of Nottingham have recently been awarded a £6 million grant from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) in order to develop a toolkit for 3D printing. HB spoke to Ricky Wildman, Professor in Chemical Engineering at The University of Nottingham

NHS Golden Jubilee has recently performed its 1,000th robotic orthopaedic joint replacement - HB looks at the hospital’s robotics programme

The 999 BSL service enables people with hearing or speech loss to be connected to a video call with a BSL interpreter in order to make 999 calls by video

Equipping the modern nursing workforce for realities they face using new technologies to enhance access requires new thinking around education, writes Professor Ann-Marie Cannaby, senior nurse and member of the clinical advisory board for BT

Phil Howe, CTO of Core to Cloud and Richard Staynings, cybersecurity strategist at Cylera

NHS Digital has now officially merged with NHS England; HB takes a look at what the NHS’s IT hub does

Helen Hunt, innovation programme manager (Workforce) at the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network explains how the NHS Insights Prioritisation Programme is helping to address winter pressures


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