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Refreshed collaboration between universities and NHS needed

Universities and NHS organisations need to develop new refreshed forms of collaboration to deal with current and future challenges.

Transparent face masks introduced to NHS Scotland

New transparent face masks, made in Scotland, have been approved for use in health and social care settings across Scotland.

Government to buy 114 million additional vaccines

The government has signed contracts to buy a total of 114 million additional Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna doses for 2022 and 2023.

Adult social care white paper published

The government has published a ten year vision for adult social care which it argues will help provide greater choice for those receiving care.

Digital progress in community health needs national backing

A new report has argued that digital transformation in community health services is improving patient care but needs stronger national backing.

Over £23 million to end new HIV infections by 2030

The government has launched a new Action Plan to achieve zero new HIV infections, AIDS and HIV related deaths in England by 2030.

Social care sector loses up to 50,000 staff before winter

The Nuffield Trust has warned that the social care sector may have lost up to 50,000 workers across all providers of care in the months leading up to winter.

All adults to be offered boosters by end of January

The government has announced that all eligible adults in England aged 18 and over will be offered a coronavirus booster vaccine by the end of January.

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Seizing the integration opportunity

Gareth Fitzgerald discusses the ways in which we can seize the opportunities of integrated care systems and how new approaches of lasting value can be created

Why it’s time to change the focus on digital

A step change in the way we approach digital implementation and transformation is needed if it is to protect our health service from irretrievable decline

Digital services and the Covid-19 pandemic

Melissa Ruscoe, Programme Head at NHS Digital, discusses the benefits of online healthcare through NHS services during the Covid-19 pandemic

Transforming NHS care delivery with smart finance

NHS trusts face cash management challenges but there are a number of tools - including asset finance - that can help, explains Penny Pinnock

MedTech leaders and the shift from hospital to home

James Feindt, Marck Aghnatios and Alistair Fleming look at the opportunities of migrating care from hospital to the home environment, as well as the challenges it creates

A route into volunteering through first aid

A new SJA NHS Cadets partnership will provide teenagers with first aid training and volunteering opportunities in the NHS

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