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London hospitals beginning to feel second wave pinch

The number of coronavirus patients admitted to London hospitals jumped by almost 10 per cent earlier this week.

10,000 UK patients now in hospital with coronavirus

More than 10,000 patients are now being treated in UK hospitals with coronavirus, with nearly 1,000 of them on ventilators.

Coronavirus has hit 'critical' stage in England

The coronavirus pandemic has now reached a ‘critical’ stage in England, with a dramatic increase in infections recorded across all areas of the country.

Scottish NHS to get additional £37 million for winter

An NHS Winter Preparedness Plan outlining steps to ensure a resilient and safe Scottish health care system has been published.

Pressure on health visitors puts generation of babies at risk

Early years charities have warned the government that they're at risk of failing a generation of babies born during the coronavirus pandemic.

Increase availability of testing for NHS staff, says report

A report has recommended that NHS England and NHS Improvement better support additional capacity for testing for NHS patients and staff.

£4m data project to accelerate coronavirus research

A research project will help scientists access the data they need more easily to help develop potential therapies and treatment for coronavirus.

Elderly not seeking help for potential cancer symptoms

GPs say they are concerned that fewer older adults are contacting them with symptoms compared to before the pandemic.

 Health Business Features

The health and social care workforce post-Brexit

Neal Suchak discusses the challenges facing the health and social care sector after the 1 January 2021

Point-of-care scanning just makes sound business sense

Glen Hodgson discusses some of the recent Scan4Safety findings as well as why point-of-care scanning will improve patient safety for years to come

The role of a CCS Strategic Business Manager

Lucy Flint outlines how Strategic Business Managers can really add value to a procurement agreement within the NHS

Championing innovation in infection control

Ceris Burns shares how the virtual Cleaning Interactive event, which champions innovation, is tailor-made for health sector decision makers

Panel of Experts: Parking

Stewart Clure and Grahame Rose collaborate in this Panel of Experts to answer some questions on the current state of NHS parking

Panel of Experts: Pandemic Recovery

Our Panel of Experts analyse the NHS response to coronavirus, the next step in improving facilities and future working patterns to improve efficiency

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Virtual HPN Expo - bringing collaboration and innovation in healthcare into 2020