Shared patient waiting lists: How to manage NHS capacity as a system

With growing backlogs of patients waiting for surgery, the NHS must quickly grapple with how to treat those patients, writes Ashley MacNaughton and David Thorpe

What does the future hold for healthcare?

As automation impacts society, Sascha Giese examines what the future holds for healthcare

Delivering on techUK’s Ten Point Plan

Henry Rex looks at techUK's Ten Point Plan for Healthtech and why digital technology should be at the forefront of improving outcomes for patients

Developing systemic resilience for our flexible workforce

Juliette Cosgrove argues that a focus on flexible worker resilience is needed to support those who support the NHS

The pay-as-you-go rental service for NHS spaces

Christopher King, Principal Strategic Asset Manager at NHSPS, explores the NHS Open Space scheme's successes and hopes for the future

There is a significant need for new hospitals

A strong and robust programme is required to ensure the delivery of the planned 40 new hospitals this decade, writes PA Consulting

Integration, collaboration and innovation

Tony Veverka, CEO of the Transform Hospital Group, discusses establishing a whole systems approach to patient care in the age of Covid-19

What are the learnings from acute care collaboration?

How should acute care collaborations best be progressed? And what is the evidence about the characteristics of the different models? Gareth Fitzgerald explores

HB Q&A: North West Ambulance Service

Following their success at the 2020 Health Business Awards, we speak to Daren J Mochrie, Chief Executive Officer at North West Ambulance Service

How information sharing is a matter of patient safety

Glen Hodgson shares a summary of discussion from the HETT GS1 panel: How information sharing is a matter of patient safety

AI - how to navigate a brand-new marketplace

Maija Banks explains the long road to develop the UK’s first artificial intelligence public procurement framework

Brexit and the end of the transition period

In this article, Ilse Bosch discusses what the end of the transition period means for the health and care system

Clinical and healthcare staffing

The new Clinical and Healthcare Staffing framework has been designed to meet the temporary staffing demands of the NHS, writes Tim Smith

Greater empowerment through remote healthcare solutions

Valerie Phillips explains how remote healthcare solutions are leading to greater empowerment for patients, clinicians and healthcare professionals

Why 2020 was the year of digital health

In this article, Tom Russell, Programme Manager for Health and Social Care at techUK, explains why 2020 was the year of digital health... or was it?

Hospitals of the future

Christian Norris and Stephen Farrington explain how Covid-19 has changed hospital infrastructure needs for good

The successes and learnings as CFO of NHSPS

Mark Smith speaks about his time in NHS Property Services and the changes that have helped to save the NHS £48 million this year

Top 10 Health Business Features of 2020

After a year of more challenges than most, we take a look back at our most read Health Business features of 2020


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