Radical change in health and care

Given the pace of change in the technology sector, Dr Philip Scott discusses how technology is radically changing the way the NHS provides services

Working to support NHS staff well-being

Danny Mortimer, chief executive of NHS Employers, looks at well-being support options for hospital staff, who continue to fight Covid-19 on the frontline

Viewing health by-products as resources rather than waste

Rethinking waste as a valuable by-product is vital to meeting sustainability targets across healthcare systems, writes David Rakowski

HB Panel of Experts: Technology

What steps are now needed to expand the use of digital in the NHS post-pandemic? Our latest Panel of Experts share their thoughts

Sharing best practice in a kitchen setting

NHS Supply Chain supports the outcomes of the Independent Review of NHS Hospital Food with the Chef’s Academy

Free parking concessions at hospitals kick-in

Sarah Greenslade, Public Affairs and Communications Officer at the BPA, explains the full definitions of the concessionary parking groups

 the end of decade

Liz Ashall-Payne predicts to what extent health apps will be part of the healthcare system and part of our daily lives by the end of decade

Protecting the NHS workforce from asbestos exposure

UKATA is urging health and safety managers in the National Health Service, to continue to protect the workforce from the dangers of asbestos exposure

Four principles of successful system-level transformation in healthcare

There are four key principles healthcare leaders should follow to embrace system level transformation, write PA Consulting

Why health professionals must speak to patients about air pollution

Global Action Plan's Catherine Kenyon explains the critical role health professionals can play in speaking to patients about air pollution

Covid-19 and NHS financial governance processes

The pandemic has created a radical change in working practices across the country and the NHS finance function is no different, writes Sarah Day

Shared patient waiting lists: How to manage NHS capacity as a system

With growing backlogs of patients waiting for surgery, the NHS must quickly grapple with how to treat those patients, writes Ashley MacNaughton and David Thorpe

What does the future hold for healthcare?

As automation impacts society, Sascha Giese examines what the future holds for healthcare

Delivering on techUK’s Ten Point Plan

Henry Rex looks at techUK's Ten Point Plan for Healthtech and why digital technology should be at the forefront of improving outcomes for patients

Developing systemic resilience for our flexible workforce

Juliette Cosgrove argues that a focus on flexible worker resilience is needed to support those who support the NHS

The pay-as-you-go rental service for NHS spaces

Christopher King, Principal Strategic Asset Manager at NHSPS, explores the NHS Open Space scheme's successes and hopes for the future

There is a significant need for new hospitals

A strong and robust programme is required to ensure the delivery of the planned 40 new hospitals this decade, writes PA Consulting

Integration, collaboration and innovation

Tony Veverka, CEO of the Transform Hospital Group, discusses establishing a whole systems approach to patient care in the age of Covid-19


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