Study exploring impact of exercise on teenage depression

Researchers have launched a new five year study aiming to find out whether exercise is an effective treatment for young people with depression.

Great Ormond Street Hospital rated as Good

The Care Quality Commission has rated Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust (GOSH) as Good overall.

Londoners deserve GP surgeries ‘fit for the 21st century’

London boroughs are calling for a transformation of the capital’s ageing GP and primary care premises.

Rapid response team roll-out for better home health

Rapid response teams will be on hand within two hours to help support older people to remain well at home and avoid hospital admissions.

Funding for more hospital Changing Places toilets

Over £500,000 has been given to 10 NHS trusts in England today to build new Changing Places toilets for severely disabled people.

£10m for NHS in Wales after worst ever figures

The NHS in Wales is to get an extra £10 million after the worst ever waiting times in accident and emergency.

Wolverhampton to offer virtual appointments by chatbot

The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust and Babylon have signed a 10-year partnership to create the world's first integrated digital health system.

Poorest in England receive worse quality of NHS care

People living in the most deprived areas of England experience a worse quality of NHS care than people living in the least deprived areas.

BMA warns that NHS is ‘woefully underfunded’

haand Nagpaul has warned the NHS is ‘woefully underfunded’ after a hospital trust told doctors they might have to discharge patients early.

Cervical cancer screening uptake hits record lows

Cancer Research UK is warning that progress in cervical cancer rates has been ‘stalling and stagnating’ since the mid-2000s.

Health gap between rich and poor has widened

A new UCL study has found that the health of the poorest people in Britain has declined since the mid-20th century.

Emergency admissions for dementia patients up a third

The Alzheimer’s Society has revealed the strain on the NHS of people with dementia unnecessarily ending up in hospitals.

One in six GP practices have closed or merged

Analysis by GPonline has revealed that one in six GP practices have closed or merged since NHS England became operational in April 2013.

Barts takes next steps in digital transformation

Plans are in place to modernise the computing infrastructure at Barts Health NHS Trust and move informatics to a cloud-based service.

First ‘Faces of the NHS App’ unveiled

The first nine frontline NHS staff members have been selected to become the ‘Faces’ of a campaign to promote the NHS App to patients.

Huge clinical negligence legal fees bill for NHS

The BBC has revealed that the NHS in England faces paying out £4.3 billion in legal fees to settle outstanding claims of clinical negligence.

NHS waits driving more patients towards private surgery

The number of people choosing to pay for private hospital surgery has soared with the total amount spent doubling in six years to £1.1bn.

Perfect attendance for children with chronic conditions ‘unfair’

A senior doctor has said that perfect school attendance for children with chronic conditions is ‘unfair and unrealistic’.


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