Sunderland Trust continues with free staff parking

Following the government’s decision to reverse the move in the wake of falling case rates, union bosses have urged hospital leaders in the North East to hold off bringing the fees back

Hard FM Framework could provide 10 per cent savings

NHS SBS launches latest Hard Facilities Management framework agreement.

Refugees from Ukraine should get free vaccine and hepatitis treatment, says WHO

A joint statement with the EASL and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control focuses on vulnerabilities associated with viral hepatitis of refugees from Ukraine

Sir Robert Francis resigns from Healthwatch

Sir Robert Francis QC has resigned as chair of Healthwatch England and will leave the post in November -

Eye Cancer womb test to be rolled out

Babies identified as being at risk of developing retinoblastoma, a rare form of eye cancer, can be monitored and treated sooner thanks to a new test developed at Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust.

Highest year on record for Cancer referrals

NHS England reports thats almost three million people were referred for cancer checks over the last 12 months – the highest year on record.

Madelaine McTernan

Vaccine Taskforce Director to help identify ways to support the HRT supply chain

New study shows benefits of ECMO in treating severe Covid

Treatment where oxygen is added to blood results in survival rate increase in severe Covid patients, according to new study

Harper’s Law measure granted Royal Assent

The government is introducing mandatory life sentences for those who kill an emergency worker in the course of their duty.

Ambulance uniforms not fit for purpose, warns union

Ambulance staff are having to deal with emergencies while wearing uniforms that don’t fit properly and aren’t always visible to other drivers.

Reforms to negligence compensation system needed

MPs have said that the government should remove the need to prove clinical negligence from NHS compensation claims when things go wrong.

New partnership to review health, places and prosperity

The NHS Confederation and the IPPR are to explore how the NHS, public services and local government can work together to build health across a whole health economy.

Potential regulatory action for misuse of social media by doctors

The General Medical Council could introduce a new duty stating that doctors must not use digital communications channels to mislead.

Ambitious plan to end long waiting times in Wales

An ambitious plan to transform planned care in Wales and cut waiting times over the next four years is being published.

Survey launched on body image and access to NHS services

The Health and Social Care Committee has launched a survey about body image and the experience of accessing NHS services.

New investment into electric fleet for NHS Lothian

​NHS Lothian has invested over half a million pounds into its electric fleet as part of its ongoing efforts to be a leader in sustainable healthcare.

Parking for NHS staff increases by £90-a-year

New reports have claimed that hospital staff who have returned to paying for parking have been dealt a new blow – a £90-a-year hike in charges.

NHS paying £2bn for mental health patients to go private

The NHS is paying £2 billion a year to private hospitals to care for mental health patients because it does not have enough of its own beds.


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