Managing the NHS estate to drive value for communities

Mark Smith explains how the NHS can maximise efficiencies, meet new cost savings targets and drive value for patients and communities

HB Q&A: Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Health Business talks to Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust's Chris Kelly about the organisation's sustainability achievements

Health professionals’ role in tackling air pollution

Whilst it is imperative that we improve the air quality in healthcare environments, tackling air pollution goes beyond the boundaries of the hospital, writes Larissa Lockwood

Photo Credit: Premier Modular – King’s College Hospital, London

The MPBA's Richard Hipkiss discusses how volumetric manufactured buildings are meeting the needs of the health sector

Promoting good nutrition for staff and visitors

Caterers within the healthcare setting have a role in assisting staff and visitors to make healthier choices, including promoting vegan options

How translation can help support digital healthcare

Alan White explains how effective translation can be vital in ensuring medical information is accessible to all, regardless of language

Operating in the dark: Casting light on digital surgery

Alistair Fleming argues that digitising surgery offers the potential to improve outcomes and enhance the reach of surgery

How can the NHS prepare for a possible WannaCry 2?

Richard Staynings discusses the challenges of protecting the healthcare system against the real world threat of cyber attacks

Nothing routine about routine operations

Bernard Ross discusses how MedTech is uniquely placed to support healthcare systems by offering faster and more cost-effective solutions to recovery

How can Integrated Care Systems improve digital inclusion?

Sarah Boyd explores how her ICS is using digital to improve patient inclusion and help reduce health inequalities

The care backlog and addressing regional disparities

The Elective Care backlog plan must address regional inequalities if it is to be effective, writes Barbara Harpham, chair of the Medical Technology Group

A fit-for-purpose health estate now and in the future

Martin Steele explains the lessons learnt that will help NHSPS improve the health estate and ensure it continues to be fit for patients now and into the future

£250m for NHS technology, but where are the staff to deliver it?

There is clearly an opportunity for technology to produce tangible productivity gains for the NHS but reservations remain, writes Romy Hughes

Why PIFU could be set to radically transform outpatient care

Tom Whicher argues that PIFU gives trusts the ability to tailor the messaging, length of service, number of booking requests and provision of additional monitoring requirements

How should the NHS prioritise future technology investments?

Sascha Giese identifies the technologies that the NHS should be focusing on, given the £2.1 billion budget announced in the Autumn budget

Health Business Top 50 NHS Professionals

Welcome to our first HBTop 50 NHS Professionals list - our pick of the people that have shaped the national health service over the years.

NHS Supply Chain tackling environmental impact

NHS Supply Chain examine tackling the NHS’ environmental impact by changing supply chain operations

NHS finances and the issue of financial sustainability

Sarah Day discusses the recent Health and Care Bill and what it means for NHS finances and financial sustainability


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