Signage: pointing in the right direction

David Catanach outlines the importance of correct signing and finding the right signage supplier

Transforming how people experience the NHS

A key focus in the government’s Long Term Plan for the NHS is to empower patients through the use of digital technology, says Andy Smith

The role of secure shredding services in the NHS

For the NHS, managing data is absolutely essential to maintain the integrity of patient records. The UKSSA explains why

Portakabin Hull.

How do manufacturers and installers of volumetric offsite construction ensure sustainability and compliance when the key priority is time?

Nine steps to improving patient flow in UK hospitals

Gareth Fitzgerald and Amanda Grantham, healthcare experts at PA Consulting, discusses how UK hospitals can improve patient flow

Continence reviews improve care and reduce costs

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust is one of the latest hospitals to benefit from NHS Supply Chain’s support for improvements in continence care

Base clinical decisions on patients’ needs, not postcodes

Barbara Harpham argues for equal access to medical technology and says that treatment should be based on their clinical needs

Integrating technology in care is the future

Sinead Mac Manus and Christina Cornwell discuss why we must make sure people are involved in how the integration of technology is shaped in the NHS

PHBs: Improving outcomes and value for money

Personal Health Budgets are key to meeting the government’s personalisation targets, says Jon Baker, PHBChoices director at NHS SBS

Giving staff green travel choices

Around two thirds of the half million parking spaces across the NHS in England are used by staff. If drivers were offered alternative modes of transport, this could free up spaces and reduce air pollution

Prevention is better than cure

Better accident prevention measures can help reduce the number of people who visit our hospitals and A&E departments in the first place, writes RoSPA's Adam Grinsell

Technology’s potential to revolutionise patient care

The Health Secretary recently emphasised the importance of scanning technology in improving safety. Glen Hodgson explains the benefits of standardising this process by using GS1 barcodes

Healthcare recruitment post-Brexit

Neal Suchak, policy advisor at the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, analyses the challenges that will face the NHS post-Brexit

Every infection prevented helps us combat AMR

Infection prevention must be the cornerstone of our approach to tackling antimicrobial resistance, says Pat Cattini

The top read HB features of 2018

2019 is set to be another transformative and difficult year for the NHS. Here, we look back on the most popular features from HB this year

How well has Matt Hancock done as Health Secretary?

Matt Hancock made it very clear that advancing technology within the NHS would be his main priority as Health Secretary. What progress is he making?

Hitting the brakes on traffic-related air

Gillian Leng discusses the dangerous impact that air pollution is having on our nation’s health and the role that NICE is playing in the fight against it

A prognosis for health finances

Dr Eleanor Roy says that the time to take a more stable and sustainable approach to funding the health and care system is now