Alan Stevenson, director, Workshop 2 Limited, looks at sign design and the most commonly used wayfinding devices

Keith J Sammonds, operations director, Healthcare Facilities Consortium, builds on the past when planning for the future

Despite the economic difficulties, which we are all currently facing, the UK government remains committed to and indeed is in the process of increasing its self-imposed targets in the area of carbon reduction

A new government initiative will require health establishments to take concrete steps to reduce the carbon emissions causing climate change as Alan Aldridge, executive director of ESTA explains

Are you at risk of a fatal outbreak? asks Helen Clarke from Radio-Tech Ltd

Diane Gilmore of the Association for Perioperative Practice looks at government guidelines on HCAIs

The many shining examples and success stories of the NHS were celebrated at the recent HB Awards at Arsenal's Emirates Stadium

Think you know all that London has to offer? Think again. London is a city that is constantly evolving and striving to offer the very best in business venues and activities

MEDICA, the largest international medical trade fair, is the central market platform for the medical technology industry in 2008

An intelligent approach to procurement is needed if we are to realise the benefits of innovative technologies in the health sector

Cimtech discusses the changing nature of records in the NHS – from paper mountain to ‘data mountain’

What national initiatives are available to assist the NHS during the rollout of the National Programme for IT?

Eileen Steinbock, dietician and Chair of the British Dietetic Association’s Food Counts Group, reviews the current approaches to catering and the delivery of food to patients

Diane Gilmour, trustee for the Association for Perioperative Practice, discusses the importance of instrument integrity and sterility

Hospitals provide all the requirements that pests need to not only survive, but also to reproduce at alarming rates. The solution?

Now in its third phase, the NHS Carbon Management programme is successfully helping NHS Trusts to take control of their carbon footprint

What should users of refrigeration and air conditioning in the health sector know and do to comply with current regulations?

Keith J Sammonds, Operations Director at the Healthcare Facilities Consortium, takes a look at issues affecting facilities management


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