Steve Bailey looks at how new screening technologies are being developed and applied to tackle the rise in CV fraud

The Patient Safety First Campaign for England is not target-driven or directed from the top down; it has been created by the service, for the service

It is essential that organisations know their responsibilities when it comes to legionella prevention in order to avoid prosecution

Legionella Control International’s précis of the Department of Health’s HTM 04 will act as a useful tool

With high levels of HCAIs, and issues of corporate manslaughter and patient choice waiting in the wings, Trust Boards should be sitting up and listening to their cleaners, argues Emma Kilbane

Following the inaugural event last year, the 2008 Health Business Awards will showcase NHS success

Liverpool City Region is emerging as one of Europe’s foremost conference destinations as it celebrates its reign as European Capital of Culture in 2008

Susan Loppert shows how bringing the arts into hospitals can improve the hospital environment and help with the healing process

Recipient of the Park Mark® award, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, sets the standards in safer parking

Getting food services right will improve patients’ nutritional status, says Neil Watson-Jones, Chairman, Hospital Caterers Association

In today’s multi-cultural society, ensuring effective communication between health professionals and patients can be a challenge

Poor leadership has often been an easy target for those looking for weaknesses in the health service

Pauline Norstrom, the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) CCTV Section Chairman, examines how hospitals are applying CCTV

The NHS produces three per cent of England's carbon dioxide emissions. A new strategy will change this

Effective energy management is increasingly becoming a priority within the healthcare sector where energy levels can be high

Risk assessment isn’t red tape rubbish, says Ray Hurst, president of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH)

As global warming affects the world, environmental issues are at the forefront of many business agendas, says Marisa Monreale, of BOSS

Flexible and remote working can be a real bottom line business benefit; improving staff effectiveness and reducing stress levels


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