NHS on track to eliminate Hepatitis C by 2025

According to NHS England, the NHS is set to eliminate Hepatitis C by 2025.

NHS England reports that this is due to "a pioneering drug deal that is helping dramatically cut deaths".

A five-year contract for antiviral drugs for thousands of patients, has resulted in deaths from Hepatitis C falling by 35 per cent. This include liver disease and cancer.

The scheme has helped to find and cure 70,000 people with disease, as well as reduce the number of people needing liver transplants due to Hepatitis C. In six years, the number of people needing liver transplants due to Hepatitis C has reduced by two-thirds. On top of this, the number of annual registrations for a liver transplant in patients with Hepatitis C-related diseases has reduced from more than 140 per year to less than 50 in 2020.

It is expected the numbers will be less in 2022 and the NHS is on track to eliminate Hepatitis C five years ahead of the WHO's target of 2030.

NHS England National Medical Director, Professor Sir Stephen Powis, said: “The NHS is leading the world in the drive to eliminate Hepatitis C and save thousands of lives, while tackling a significant health inequality in the process. Thanks to targeted screening and because the NHS has a proven track record of striking medicine agreements that give patients access to the latest drugs, we are on track to beat global targets and become the first country to eliminate Hepatitis C by 2030 – which will be a landmark achievement”.


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