Health Business 23.01

Tackling the twindemic

The NHS is coming through what has been described by many as its worst and most challenging winter on record, with the twindemic of Covid and flu.

Bed shortages, ambulance handovers and delayed discharges are all being highlighted as posing problems, along with the ongoing backlog.

Meanwhile many across the NHS are striking over pay, and concerns over conditions and patient safety, with little sign that these disputes will be solved soon.

This issue of Health Business includes features on the related topics of clean air, energy and net zero, the health problems these pose and what the NHS can do and is doing to tackle these issues.

There is a large technology section with articles on virtual health and how robotic surgery is helping patients as well as the NHS. Following the merge of NHS Digital and NHS England, we explore what NHS Digital does for the NHS.

As well as this, we investigate the cost of the NHS estate and include an interesting article on how to help patients, staff and visitors with wayfinding in hospitals.

Polly Jones, editor