Scotland expands medical training posts

The Scottish Government has announced the biggest ever expansion of medical training posts, with 152 additional posts for trainee doctors in 2023.

£37 million of investment will be provided by the Scottish Government over the next four years with the aim of meeting the challenges faces by the NHS and future-proof it.

The announcement comes after a recommendation from NHS Education for Scotland for the Scottish Government to fund the creation of extra training places in key specialities such as general practice, core psychiatry, oncology, emergency medicine, intensive care medicine, anaesthetics and paediatrics.

Most of the posts will begin in August 2023.

Health Secretary Humza Yousaf said: “These additional training places highlight the Scottish Government’s continued commitment to ensure our health service is resilient and can continue delivering high quality care to those who need it.

“This record expansion will support a wide range of medical specialties, many of which are under increased pressure as a result of growing demand.

“We will continue to monitor the number of available training places in collaboration with NHS Education for Scotland to help make sure the NHS is equipped to meet the country’s current and future needs.”

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