Trust hosts wellbeing sessions to reduce hospital stays
A patient and a doctor having a chat

NHS Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust is holding wellbeing sessions for patients to help keep their body and mind more active, which it is hoped will lead to shorter stays in hospital.

The sessions include music, exercises and chat for elderly patients to help boost their physical and mental health. They give patients the opportunity to get out of bed and help patients to be independent when they leave hospital.

Claire Turner, learning disability, autism and dementia service lead at the Trust, said: "It's important that our elderly patients, and especially our patients with dementia, stay active where possible and keep their minds busy to help tackle feelings of loneliness, anxiety and depression.”

Jas Bdesha, therapy assistant, said: “The sessions inject fun and laughter into these patients’ days and it brings out emotions in them that they may not have experienced for a while. From my point of view, I’m there to get the patients moving more, but I do love to see them sing and become more animated.”