Staff wearing body cameras to protect against violence

Staff at Nottingham University Hospitals have been using body-worn cameras.

The trust has introduced an extra 220 devices in order to protect staff and patients from an increase in threatening and violent behaviour.

The cameras are to be worn by clinical staff across the trust in an attempt to deter hospital visitors from being aggressive.

The announcement comes after a successful three-month trial in the Emergency Department.

The cameras will only be switched on when someone is being violent or abusive.

It is hoped the footage recorded will also help to identify and prosecute any offenders, following a sharp rise in incidents of violence and aggression against NUH staff since the start of the pandemic.

According to the Trust, there was an increase of 35 per cent in incidents over a 12-month period.

Medical Director, Keith Girling said: “The safety and wellbeing of our staff and patients is our ultimate priority. Violent and aggressive behaviour, be that against our staff or other patients or visitors, has absolutely no place in our hospitals and will not be tolerated.  

"When our staff face aggression or sometimes even physical violence, it can have a serious impact on their shift, their day, their wellbeing and ultimately their ability to provide high quality care.

“We encourage our staff to always report these incidents and we will support prosecutions against anyone found guilty of abusing our staff in any way, whilst they are at work.”