Survey finds millions face having to go private for care

New analysis has found that the NHS unites us in being ‘proud to be British’, but as many as one in five adults are being forced to go private because they can’t get NHS treatment.

Engage Britain held 101 discussion groups across the country to explore Brits’ day to day experiences of the NHS and social care. The issues people spoke about informed a survey of 4,000 adults which revealed many of these problems are happening far more widely.

The results show very large support for staff, but also serious concerns from millions about their care. In fact, 21 per cent said that they’d been forced to go private because they couldn’t get the NHS treatment they needed. Additionally, with waiting times rocketing, 25 per cent say the wait for treatment for themselves or a loved one has had a serious impact on their mental health.

Engage Britain also report that 85 per cent of people think staff are overstretched but doing as much as they can with their resources.

Julian McCrae, director of Engage Britain, said: “The NHS unites so many of us with a feeling of pride. But the fact is millions are also being let down every day by our health and care services. People right across the country told us they’re feeling ignored or dismissed or are turning to private treatment because they have little other choice. And overworked staff are being pushed to breaking point.

“It’s vital that future changes, including those in the NHS Reform Bill, address the daily challenges that so many in Britain are facing. Only answers rooted in real experiences can deliver health and care that works for us all.”

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