Covid vaccination booking opens

Booking for the autumn Covid vaccine is now open, meaning millions of eligible people in England can now book.

Those eligible include: all aged 65 and over, pregnant people and those with an underlying health condition.

Over 30 million people are eligible to receive a flu vaccine and over 20 million are able to get a Covid jab.

GP practices and other local NHS services will also be contacting people to offer both flu and Covid vaccines, and people can book the flu vaccine by searching online for a local pharmacy.

The vaccination programme has been brought forward on the advice of scientists following the emergence of a new covid-19 variant.

NHS Director for Vaccinations and Screening Steve Russell said: “Vaccines are our best protection against flu and Covid-19, and I strongly encourage all eligible people to come forward for their lifesaving winter vaccines as soon as they can.

“The new Covid variant presents a new risk, but NHS staff are rising to the challenge once more to do all they can to protect the public.

“Those eligible can now easily book a Covid vaccine online – it takes just a few minutes and there are more sites than ever before offering the vaccine across England, so please come forward as soon as you can to give yourself and your loved ones vital protection over the coming months.”

Dr Mary Ramsay, head of immunisation at UKHSA, said: “We are already seeing a slow rise in cases of COVID-19, as well as increases in hospitalisations, particularly among the over 75s.

“Older people and those in clinical risk groups remain at higher risk of severe illness, so it’s important all those eligible come forward when offered and get protected against flu and COVID.”

Image by Memed_Nurrohmad from Pixabay