Dame Lesley Regan appointed Women's Health Ambassador

A picture of Lesley Regan

Dame Lesley Regan has been appointed women’s health ambassador to support the implementation of the upcoming women’s health strategy for England. She will be supported by a deputy ambassador with the aim of understanding the challenges faced by women in accessing services.

Dame Lesley has worked in women’s health for 42 with a particular interest in miscarriage, period problems, gynaecological surgery and menopause, and will support the implementation of the upcoming women’s health strategy. The strategy aims to tackle the gender health gap and ensure services meet women's needs. She will continues in her role as professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at Imperial College London St Mary’s Hospital Campus, and remain in active clinical practice.

Dame Lesley will drive forward the system-level changes needed to close the gender health gap and eradicate deep-seated biases. Dame Lesley will leverage her networks to ensure the scale of change needed, and the role clinicians need to play in tackling the gender health gap is understood.

Women’s Health ambassador, Dame Lesley Regan, said: "This is an important opportunity to get it right for women and girls, and make a real difference to 51% of our population by addressing the inequalities that exist across society."

Closing the gender health gap is part of the government’s levelling up plan, as a lack of support, awareness and understanding of health conditions specific to women can be harmful not only to the health and happiness of women, but the health of the economy.

Minister for Women’s Health, Maria Caulfield, said: "The appointment of Dame Lesley as the Women’s Health Ambassador for England is yet another step in the right direction to giving women’s health the platform and profile it needs. We are embarking on an important journey to eradicate the gender health gap. There is no quick fix. But I look forward to working together with Dame Lesley as we take the next steps to implement our women’s health strategy and beyond."

The appointment of Dame Lesley will be followed by the appointment of a deputy ambassador who will work closely with the Ambassador and be responsible for increasing awareness of the women’s health strategy and its aims and better understanding of the barriers and issues of concern of under-served groups of women and girls.

The strategy is part of the government’s missions to ensure women feel comfortable talking about their health, have access to the services and information they need and feel supported in the workplace.

This is the latest step taken by the government with the aim of meeting women's healthcare needs. Previous steps include action to increase access and reduce the cost of HRT.


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