Jill Scott and Daley Thompson join campaign to get people active

Ex-lioness Jill Scott and Olympic gold medalist Daley Thompson have joined the government's National Physical Activity Taskforce, set up to help get millions more people involved in sport and physical activity by 2030.

Former No10 Delivery Unit chief Sir Michael Barber is also joining the taskforce, which is co-chaired by ex-England Rugby international Ugo Money.

The taskforce was established as part of the government's national sport strategy.

The taskforce will feature industry body representatives from UK Sport, Sport England, and Active Travel England, along with members from the sports world and the Government. The group will promote the physical and mental health benefits of sport and physical activity, and push to drive up participation across all demographics.

Culture secretary Lucy Frazer said: "I am delighted that Jill, Daley and Michael are joining this taskforce which is bringing together the best of Government and sport so we can deliver on our ambition of having 3.5 million more people active by 2030.

"Their expert knowledge and experience will help us access hard-to-reach communities who remain stubbornly inactive, to ensure that we reach our ambitious targets and see millions of people enjoy a happier and healthier life."

Jill Scott MBE said: : "What the Lionesses have achieved over the past year has been amazing, but as we’ve always said, success is not only determined by on the pitch results. It is equally about securing a legacy where more people are inspired to get into football and sport more broadly.

"The current investment in grassroots facilities will play a massive part in that. Millions of people will be offered safe and welcoming places to play, right on their doorsteps.

"Sport can provide a real sense of togetherness, an opportunity to make friends, get fit, and be healthy. I’m proud to play my part in encouraging people of all ages and backgrounds to join this national activity drive, which can only benefit us all."

Image by Sepp from Pixabay

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