Public health directors urge action on obesity

Eight directors of public health from the north-west of England have written to Boris Johnson calling for any anti-coronavirus obesity plan.

NHS Covid-19 vaccine research registry launched

A new NHS service has been launched to help people across the UK sign up for information on the new Covid-19 vaccine trials.

Intensive care unit shut over fire safety fears

A newly built £100 million intensive care unit has been closed after it failed fire safety checks.

Scientist calls for weekly coronavirus tests for health workers

Sir Paul Nurse has argued that all health and care staff should be routinely tested for coronavirus once or twice a week.

Investment in nursing students needed to fix workforce crisis

A new report details the long-term investment needed in nursing higher education in England to help address the shortages of nursing staff.

Coronavirus ‘here for many years to come’, say experts

The UK will be living with coronavirus for many years to come and even a vaccine is unlikely to eliminate it for good.

Welsh hospitals to introduce telephone triage service

People in Wales will be asked to phone first before going to A&E as emergency services are remodelled to respond to coronavirus.

Coronavirus could cause 3,500 avoidable cancer deaths

There could be more than 3,500 avoidable cancer deaths in England in the next five years as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Test and trace less successful in poorer areas

England’s poorest communities are at greater risk of a second wave of coronavirus owing to imbalances in the test-and-trace system.

GP trainee numbers rise for third consecutive year

GP trainee numbers in England have risen for the third year running, with recruitment up a record 15 per cent compared to the same point last year.

Government announces pay rises for public sector staff

Chancellor Rishi Sunak will announce that public sector workers, including doctors, will see above inflation pay rises this year.

Coronavirus test results now visible to GPs

Coronavirus test results are now being automatically sent to GP systems as well as being communicated to the individual.

NHS staff to receive ‘air accident’ safety training

'Air accident investigation’ style training is to be launched for NHS staff responsible for investigating safety incidents in hospitals.

UK secures ‘strong portfolio of promising vaccines’

The government has secured early access to 90 million doses of promising coronavirus vaccine candidates.

Test and Trace programme 'breaks GDPR data law'

The Open Rights Group has argued that the government’s Test and Trace programme has broken a key data protection law.

Second wave could devastate NHS, senior doctors warn

Senior doctors are pleading with the public to help prevent a second wave of coronavirus that could 'devastate' the NHS.

Public lacking clear government guidance on face coverings

The BMA has warned that government guidance on face covering rules in England are unclear and are causing widespread confusion.

Rise in nursing staff considering leaving the profession

There has been a sharp rise in the proportion of nursing staff considering leaving the profession, driven primarily by concerns about pay.


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Following the 2017 Naylor Report into NHS estates, it has been estimated that estate upkeep costs have reached approximately £10bn in annual funding for 2019/2020.

More recently, ERIC (Estates Returns Information Collection) data collection has contained some deeply alarming news about the condition of NHS buildings and equipment.

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