A shortage of doctors and other medical personnel could be a key barrier to the government’s push to create a ‘truly seven day’ NHS, according to the Royal College of Physicians (RCP).

Fourteen doctors’ leaders have written to Chancellor George Osborne, calling upon the government to allow more funding for social care, ahead of next week’s Budget.

Stoke and Stafford hospital trust is facing a financial penalty of up to £9 million for failing to meet government targets.

NHS staff and patients are considering launching a judicial review to examine the impact of the new junior doctors’ contract on ‘patients safety and the stability of the NHS’.

NHS England has launched a new incentive scheme in a bid to slow down the growing issue of antibiotic resistance.

Progress in negotiations means consultants working for NHS England could be offered a new ‘seven day contract’ before Easter, the BBC is reporting.

According to figures for January released by NHS England, 88.7 per cent of patients were dealt with in four hours, falling short of the target of 95 per cent.

Derriford hospital in Plymouth has said it wants to close its waiting list to people needing routine spinal operations for 12 months, claiming it cannot cope with the growing backlog of patients.

NHS England has announced it is investing £55 million in rewarding Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) which choose to phase out referrals made through second class post, as part of a plan to move towards a fully electronic referrals system.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has raised concerns regarding the rise in prescriptions of anti-depressants among children.

Health service leaders have cautioned that the junior doctor dispute is starting to take its toll on the NHS in England, as junior doctors participate in their third strike.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has announced new measures aimed at improving NHS safety and transparency.

According to data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), an estimated 2.5 million people in Britain consume more than the weekly recommended limit for alcohol in a single day.

The government has announced it will set out pay awards for over one million public sector workers, including staff in the NHS.

According to Pulse, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s rescue package to ease pressures on general practice has been delayed following disagreements regarding the size of promised funding.

Nick Bennet, the public services ombudsman of Wales, has said a snapshot of 12 cases investigated over five years revealed ‘inadequate standards of care’ in hospitals, including weekend services.

The Mental Health Network (MHN) has claimed that ‘no significant investment’ has been made in psychiatric services for children despite government plans to reform financial provision.

Public Health England (PHE) has launched a campaign to help middle-aged adults avoid future disease and illness and live healthily in later life.


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