2021 had been a particularly stressful and uncertain year for schools. With a hybrid mix of working from home and in-person teaching, IT has been essential for schools around the country to keep educational organisations running efficiently.

Around 40% of UK greenhouse gas emissions are accounted for by lighting cooling, ventilating and critically, provision of hot water and heating for the built environment.

Measuring health conditions with new, lightweight medical wearables can bring a host of benefits to patients and healthcare systems, including earlier detection of conditions, more timely intervention, and more effective treatment and rehabilitation.

In the modern present day, it is vital that public sector leaders continuously develop their knowledge and options when it comes to effective cyber security solutions.

SEP2 are a team of cyber security specialists helping organisations in the public and private sector protect their data, users, systems and networks.

Templar Executives is recognised for our pioneering Cyber Security work. We continue to successfully engage across all areas of the healthcare ecosystem, from NHS Boards to frontline staff and suppliers.

On 25 November 2021, The Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB) published a safety report1 into the impact of incorrect patient identification.

To truly protect your IT environment and sensitive data, you need to think and act just like the cyber criminals trying to break into your networks. At Nene Cyber Security, our skilled, CREST-certified penetration testers will simulate real-world attacks on your IT infrastructure to put your defences through their paces, identify potential vulnerabilities and investigate how these can be exploited to penetrate your network and systems.

RevBits are a dynamic Cyber Security firm with the broadest range of core Cyber products on the market today from any one stack.

There is no doubt that the last 12 months has been extremely challenging. The reality is that we have probably taken several steps back in terms of reaching our ambitious climate change targets.

Fireco has been making compliance easy for over 25 years. We manufacture wireless fire door closers and retainers, notification systems, disability aids and hygiene equipment, all designed to provide simple solutions to a range of needs: fire safety, compliance, access, ventilation and hygiene.

The Sound Doctor provides world class, clinically led, patient health education through films, online structured education courses and animations.

Much of the NHS is structurally under-ventilated. Rensair is proving highly effective and economical in bridging the gap with hospital-grade air purification, thereby restoring capacity, reducing fallow time and tackling the backlog.

Medica (UK) is the market leader for the provision of teleradiology services.

Daisy is one of the largest providers of communications, IT and cloud services across the UK PSN frameworks, providing savings, choice and flexibility for healthcare organisations.

Today, the health sector faces many unprecedented challenges. Services are stretched, waiting lists grow, staff shortages continue, and the pressure placed on a wide range of dedicated and committed professionals continues to increase.

Escape Mobility company provides high quality evacuation solutions, like the escape-chair®, escape-mattress® and escape-sheet®. we know evacuation since 1987.

With a sleek innovative design, smooth functionality, and durable maintenance-free profile, YewdaleMovatrack® is undoubtedly a quality track system that meets the most demanding of healthcare environments.