Radiocoms Systems

Ensure your hospital is resilient and can adapt to a wide spectrum of emergencies and operational disruptions. Explore a unified ecosystem combining voice, software, video and services, designed to help hospitals maintain a safe and healthy environment.

At the National Autistic Society, we’ve been learning from autistic people and their families for more than 50 years.

As a Company we are able to assist all types of client but have specialised in NHS works. These premises range from small GP Surgeries and Pharmacies to large Hospital premises and Mental Health premises.

Controlling airborne contaminants while simultaneously maintaining healthy temperatures and humidity levels has never been more important in healthcare buildings, says James Henley*.

Pneumatic Tube Systems with innovative AntiVirus protection materials, tested against human Corona virus NL63 using ISO 21702

Screentec Oy is a contract manufacturer that specialises in printed electrodes, skin patches and diagnostics tests. We also provide class II surgical masks, FFP3 filtering face masks and splash visors.

2020 has brought added challenges to the NHS. Managing winter pressures and restoring services to full capacity will stretch hospitals and staff even further.

Ergochair are a unique company based in the UK providing bespoke office chairs, both here and in Europe.

The recent breakthrough that a safe and effective Covid-19 vaccine will be available to the most vulnerable in England by the beginning of December 2020 is exciting news.

The Yellow Bracelet Care service was developed from Sundown Solutions in conjunction with Health & Social Care professionals.

Pro-tect are a Hertfordshire based start up that is revolutionising the way weather shelters are constructed.

Communication has never been more important to healthcare. As patient numbers continue to grow and expectations around quality of care also increase, NHS providers are also under immense pressure to make significant efficiency gains and thus drive down costs.

Advantech is a leading player in the digital healthcare market, offering high-performance computing systems, with years of trusted experience.

A trusted provider of innovative cyber security products and people-centric services to the healthcare sector.

Sara Dalmasso is General Manager and Vice President at Omnicell International. Here she reflects how automating the medication management process can support hospitals during the COVID-19 second wave.

As one of the leading companies on the NHS SBS Framework we are fully audited and cleared to undertake asbestos removal and repair works throughout all NHS Estates and have the experience, technical ability, expertise to complete any size project.

NHS Digital’s Data Security Centre (DSC) provides comprehensive support, free of charge, to increasingly digitized health and care organizations to manage cybersecurity risk.

Since 1997 Trinity Fire & Security has been helping businesses ensure the safety of their people, properties and business operations.