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Starting as a manufacturer of made-to-measure commercial blinds, Yewdale has since diversified and become an established supplier of anti-ligature products, hospital curtains and cubicle tracks within the healthcare sector. Yewdale products are regularly specified in NHS hospitals, mental health trusts, GPs and other healthcare environments. We ensure our products comply with NHS guidelines and promote infection control where possible.

Anti-ligature products

Our anti-ligature systems save lives by replacing common ligature points with safe alternatives. Mental health trusts, prisons and other high-risk settings around the UK depend on our anti-ligature blinds, ensuite doors, curtain tracks and accessories to prevent self-harm and violence. Most of the YewdaleKestrel® products are held up by load-release magnets. If a downward force is exerted, the magnetic force will be broken, and the product will fall to the floor, thereby preventing the creation of a ligature point.

A key benefit of using magnets is that they cannot be jammed or tampered with, and they don’t lose their magnetic strength for hundreds of years, meaning our products last a lifetime. We recently introduced SafeDoor Plus, our latest anti-ligature ensuite door. The magnets are sewn and welded within the door’s hinge, making the system completely tamper-proof. The magnets prevent a ligature from being created, and the shape of the door allows mental health professionals to conduct observational checks.

SafeDoor Plus offers unparalleled safety with its anti-ligature design and flexible fire quilt construction. It’s Crib 7 fire-rated, water-resistant, and backed by a lifetime warranty. Yewdale’s ensuite doors can be customised with your choice of images or colours, adding an element of calm to mental health trusts.

SafeDoor Plus is designed to reduce healthcare-acquired infections, with an antimicrobial formula and welded edges which prevent the build up of dirt. The door can be quickly cleaned, ensuring that IPC regulations are adhered to.

The YewdaleKestrel® anti-ligature range covers blinds, curtain tracks, mounting plates and accessories, helping mental health trusts create a far safer space to provide care. Yewdale’s K2500 reduced-ligature curtain track was ‘highly commended’ at the Design in Mental Health awards conference in June 2023. Yewdale’s innovative gliders prevent the curtain from being used as a ligature point, whilst the track is permanently fixed to the wall to prevent it from being removed and used inappropriately.

Yewdale’s top-fix K2500 curtain track can now be bent to fit in bay windows and shower cubicles. The curtain track is designed to prevent the curtain from being used as a ligature because it detaches from the gliders if a downward force is exerted, enhancing safety in mental health facilities.

You can explore our full range of anti-ligature products here.

Hospital curtains

We are an approved NHS supplier of disposable curtains used on hospital wards to separate beds, provide privacy to patients and reduce hospital-acquired infection rates. Our disposable curtains are readily available and dispatched right from our UK factory where they are manufactured.

Yewdale also designed a patented reusable curtain which saves hospitals thousands of pounds a year when compared to buying and replacing disposable curtains. The reusable curtain can be wiped clean when required, reducing the risk of healthcare-acquired infections.  

Key benefits of buying Yewdale’s hospital curtains:

  • Meets NHS and CE standards
  • No laundry or maintenance costs
  • Self-auditing label which helps support infection control
  • Quick and easy to change
  • Readily available

Cubicle tracks

To accompany our hospital curtains, we also manufacture one of the world's most highly regarded hospital track systems. We bend our hospital cubicle tracks to the desired shape in our factory. Our cubicle tracks comply with NHS regulations and are used in NHS hospitals nationwide.

Our rigid, high-grade aluminium cubicle track has an enclosed flat-top profile which keeps it free from dirt and dust for a maintenance-free and hygienic track. The cubicle track provides hassle-free service to users with smooth operation due to our self-lubricating roller runner hooks.

Our roller runner hooks provide an exceptionally smooth curtain draw and the curtains do not get caught during operation, mitigating a frustrating problem that other tracks on the market are known for. The self-lubricating roller runner hooks are quickly loaded into the track through this point of access, making the process a pleasurable experience for staff.

A reliable partner for the long-term, it is able to span 3.0 metres between hangers, keeping both sightlines clear and installation costs down. In a similar fashion, curtain removal points are provided as standard on every track for added convenience when replacing curtains.


  • Silver anodised track
  • Any RAL colour available to order
  • Biosafe antibacterial treatment option available within white powder-coated finish only
  • Cubicle numbering system
  • Track mounted uplighters
  • Stainless steel roller hooks or rings

Examples of healthcare installations

  • Grosvenor Contracts installed 84 of our R20C crank-operated roller blinds and 16 Yewdale cubicle tracks in a refurbished part of Wexham Park Hospital in Slough. The installation only took 5 days and has set the hospital up with long-lasting products that won’t let them down.
  • An architect working on an NHS project was tasked with repurposing unused retail space and transforming it into a popup diagnostics clinic called Dorset Health Village. With 16 consulting rooms, the architect specified our cubicle track and disposable curtains to provide privacy to patients and help prevent the spread of infection during the pandemic. 
  • 30 Yewdale cubicle tracks, 30 vertical blinds and 5 flyscreens were installed at Worcestershire Royal Hospital. Yewdale blinds are well-suited to hospitals because they are very durable and child safe.

More about Yewdale

We manufacture commercial blinds and healthcare products, operating on a supply-only basis to installers, architects and other industry professionals. We have been in the industry for over 35 years, but our story really began in 2005. Since then, we have quickly established an excellent reputation and a strong position in the market.

We pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional customer experience and are passionate about getting it right – from order to delivery. We understand the frustration that comes with delayed deliveries, damaged goods and missing items! So, back in 2015, we took delivery into our own hands with our Elite delivery service.

Our Elite delivery teams carefully transport your goods and deliver them with a smile! Your goods are delivered by Yewdale's team of drivers who are specifically chartered to cover your area. As we are using our drivers and loading the vans directly from the factory, we can use less packaging as your parcels are carefully arranged to prevent damage in transit. We even offer a recycling service where we collect used packaging from customer sites and reuse it if it’s in good condition or recycle it if not.

Our team are on hand to provide same-day quotes for projects, answer queries, offer installation guidance and technical support, so please get in touch or visit our website using the links below.

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