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Industrial Ventilation Solutions, or IVS, an affiliate of the SDI Ventilation Group operating from London and the Southeast, established itself in 2018. The Group is present on a national level in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. Now with IVS’s presence in London and the Southeast we ensure fast responsiveness and intervention.

IVS specialise in high-level industrial cleaning, advise and guide a wide range of sectors with professional kitchens, ventilation & extraction systems in accordance with the TR19 regulation. Our key specialities include thorough cleaning of ducts, canopies, fans, filters, and everything else to create a healthy working environment in Restaurants, Schools, Pubs, Hospitals, Care homes, Housing associations, large retailers, companies, process plants and more. When seeking specialist duct cleaning and kitchen canopy decontamination services that guarantees timely completion, upmost client satisfaction, and the highest quality levels, stop by IVS.

Our main goal is to provide organisations regulated by the "maintenance of ventilation systems" a tailor made proposition. Providing maintenance, grease and dust removal, disinfection, troubleshooting and more. We also, when access is permitted, deep clean fans separately to maintain their long term efficiency.

Upon each cleaning completion, we deliver a complete report with pre & post pictures, a schematic representation of the network and specific recommendations if any, and a certificate. Cleaner equipment provides a better ventilated kitchen.

We have worked with over 100 establishments in London and the Southeast. Our prospects can trust us based on our industry reputation alone, and we take pride in servicing our Clients’ needs along these key principals.

Availability and Accessibility: We ensure an organised business to keep ourselves available for maximum inquiries, appointments, and emergency cleaning needs. 
Expertise: We bring over 25 years of combined experience in professional kitchen extract duct cleaning, with highly qualified and certified experts on the job. 
Specialised Equipment: We use state-of-the-art equipment specifically designed for kitchen extract duct cleaning. 
Environmental Responsibility: We have a plan to follow more environmentally friendly cleaning practices by minimising the use of biohazardous products and ensuring responsible waste disposal.

As well as undertaking cleaning interventions, we also install complete extract and ventilation systems.

We have in-depth knowledge of specialist equipment and vast experience in conducting high level projects. We work together with Customers on new projects, renovation plans or bring to speed their ventilation systems in compliance with regulations. Meaning we are able to tailor all aspects of ventilation to your exact needs.

We believe in going the extra mile for our customers and offering a comprehensive range of duct cleaning services at reasonable prices. Not only are you protected against fire accidents, but you also save money in the long run with routine cleaning, since your extraction ducts will be completely clean and fully compliant. With our skilled team by your side, you can be assured that your extraction system will be maintained to the highest standards, promoting a healthy, safe, and compliant environment in your kitchen(s).

With 70% of all kitchen fires originating from extraction canopies and ductwork due to the build-up of grease and fat, IVS has a significant role to perform. We deliver top-notch cleaning services that purify culinary spaces. The importance of ventilation in ensuring a safe and efficient cooking environment cannot be overstated. Overuse and grease accumulation in exhaust and extractor fans can result in insufficient airflow, resulting in poor ventilation, increased heat, unpleasant odours, and significant health problems.

The dynamic and diverse nature of today's society has impacted individual lifestyles. Addressing the demands of a growing population, the development of large kitchen set ups has become noteworthy, resulting in an increased frequency of cooking activities. This rise has resulted in a higher concentration of flammable grease in kitchen exhaust systems. Grease accumulation tends to increase over time, and this can lead to an increased risk of fire. At IVS, our Kitchen Extract and Duct Cleaning Services are designed to mitigate these risks, ensuring a safe and efficient kitchen environment for our clients and also meeting BESA TR19 standards.

IVS is dedicated to tackling the most challenging environment. A simple survey can help us to point out the problem areas and tailor our services to offer you a cleaning program. To maintain the highest standard of hygiene in your kitchen space, professional cleaning for commercial kitchens is highly necessary. Negligence often leads to pest infestation, bacterial contamination and spread of various diseases. Our team of professional kitchen cleaners not only offers kitchen canopy cleaning but also deep cleaning of cooking equipment. We ensure that standards are maintained and, you can stay compliant with the stringent codes of hygiene.

Not all cleaning companies are created equal and if you work with us, you will know that we tailor your cleaning services to meet your needs. Our quick response team can deal with urgent requests and emergencies rapidly and effectively.

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