SafeDoor Plus by Yewdale
Product Feature

Introducing SafeDoor Plus by Yewdale, the recently launched anti-ligature ensuite door designed to ensure safety and hygiene in mental health settings. This innovative product incorporates features that prioritise the prevention of self-harm and ease of cleaning, making it an essential addition to areas with a ligature-risk and IPC requirements.

SafeDoor Plus boasts load-release magnets, a crucial feature that prevents ligature by allowing the door to break away if a load greater than 9kg is applied. For specific needs, the breakaway load can be adjusted to 12kg, providing tailored solutions for diverse patient groups.

Constructed from high-quality fabric, SafeDoor Plus is incredibly durable and resistant to penetration by common objects, ensuring long-lasting performance. Yewdale’s unique design incorporates smooth welded edges and no dirt-trapping areas like stitching, making it easy to clean and very hygienic. The waterproof fabric is also treated with Biosafe® antimicrobial formula, which helps prevent the spread of infections, meeting NHS IPC standards.

In addition to its robust safety and hygiene features, SafeDoor Plus can be customised with any high-quality image, which Yewdale print in-house. Double-sided prints have been shown to reduce vandalism when compared with blank doors. This not only enhances the visual appeal but also contributes to creating a calming and welcoming therapeutic environment that supports a positive recovery.

SafeDoor Plus is Crib 7 fire-rated, ensuring it meets stringent fire safety standards. This rating indicates its ability to withstand high temperatures and contribute to the overall fire safety of the building. With its compliance with rigorous safety standards, SafeDoor Plus provides peace of mind to both healthcare providers and patients.

The practical design of SafeDoor Plus includes features that make it easy to install in existing doorways, reducing downtime and disruption during installation. Its flexible fire quilt construction and anti-ligature design make it suitable for various applications, from private rooms to common areas in mental health facilities. The door’s magnets enable a quick, tool-free reinstallation, ensuring that it remains functional and secure. Yewdale are so confident that they provide a lifetime warranty on SafeDoor Plus.

Yewdale can produce orders of SafeDoor Plus in just five days and deliver them with their own Yewdale vans, ensuring they arrive on time and damage-free. 

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