GPT Consult is an industry leading firm of authorising engineers & technical advisors. Our team of experienced, IHEEM registered engineers can support with a range of specialisms within healthcare engineering.
Just Lanyards is a subsidiary name of Gifts 2 Impress Limited, who have been trading for over 25 years, we therefore pride ourselves in having endless experience covering all aspects of the promotional merchandise industry.
Welcome to 3active, where we are dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of your water systems. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we specialize in Legionella risk mitigation, offering comprehensive solutions to protect your facilities and occupants from the potential hazards associated with this waterborne pathogen.
Mobile Healthcare Solutions Ltd is the leading UK provider of medical equipment for hire. Our aim is to provide a flexible hire solution to meet your medical equipment needs.
Energy Efficient Solutions Group (EES Group) stands at the forefront of innovation, delivering cutting-edge technology in renewable and sustainable energy. Renowned as market leaders in LED & Emergency Lighting, Solar PV, EV Charging, and Heating across both Public and Private sectors, our commitment lies in propelling your Net Zero journey. Take the next strategic step by scheduling a complimentary site survey with us.
Drive hospital safety & efficiency with a complete end-to-end identification solution that increases patient safety, care efficiency, and hospital asset availability. All with unobtrusive, thin and reliable wristbands and labels, and compliant scanners and readers.
As the P50 extinguisher is 'corrosion-free' it doesn't require the expensive annual servicing required by steel extinguishers as they can be maintained by our clients through a simple visual inspection, following comprehensive competency training provided by our team.
Fast and effective Soft FM task management for hospitals (even in those hard-to-reach areas…)
In England alone NHS Commercial spends around £35 billion per year, across more than 80,000 suppliers.
CSF Building Contractors was established in 1985, has an experienced significant growth due to the increasing demand for our services. We carry out works for many Hospitals over the UK as well as Schools, Colleges, Universities & Hotels covering a wide range of construction projects with a reactive service that our clients can use for those emergency works that crop up & CSF are always on hand to help out.
Ana Rafaela Prado, Chief Medical Information Officer, Cascais Hospital, Portugal

In the swiftly changing healthcare landscape, the fusion of technology and patient care is increasingly integral. As both a physician and Chief Clinical Information Officer, I have been privileged to observe the profound impact of technology in elevating patient outcomes and transforming healthcare delivery, which I will touch on in more detail below and at Digital Health’s Rewired 2024.
Asckey has been providing FM software solutions since 1995. We provide modular Facilities Management Software, HSCN Hosting and Bespoke Development.
Murray Equipment Co. was established in 1953 and we have been providing Operator seating to the NHS, Dental clinics and other medical departments for over seventy years.
Aqua Safety Showers International Ltd is a UK manufacturer and supplier of emergency safety showers and eyewashes and has over 30years experience in this industry. Based in the Northwest of England, they have strived to build up a brand well known in the marketplace. Janet Waine, Managing Director of Aqua Safety showers explains how important a safety shower is and what is required to meet legal requirements.
Inspired Glazing is a family-run Double Glazing business who has over the years established themselves with an amazing reputation, ensuring customer satisfaction is one of their key priorities.
In an era where health and safety take precedence, the demand for professional decontamination services has surged. Relatively new and among the industry’s best, Auxilium Medical Services Ltd stands proud as a reliable and trustworth service provider dedicated to creating safer environments across healthcare sectors.
Hooper Services, a distinguished entity in the realm of cleaning machinery, is the inspired creation of Ian Hooper. Established in 1990, Ian Hooper has been the pivotal force and visionary leader since its inception, steering the company towards a path of sustained growth and acclaim. His career in this sector commenced with a role focused on the repair of cleaning machinery, a position that saw him traverse the length and breadth of the country, accruing a wealth of experience and deep insights into the industry.
Hospitals have among the most complicated drainage systems of any built structure. They are used intensively, often 24 hours a day. They also often have legacy drainage systems, some stretching back many decades.
Hydrosense is the pioneer of the world's fastest Legionella pneumophila test in the world for water and biofilm. Designed for precision and ease to use, these tests are crucial for healthcare and complex water system management.
In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, effective communication stands as the linchpin that determines the quality of patient care, staff coordination, and overall operational efficiency. At the forefront of this communication revolution is Multitone, a pioneering technology company committed to transforming healthcare communication for the better. With a rich history spanning over 92 years, Multitone has continually innovated and adapted its solutions to meet the dynamic needs of healthcare organisations worldwide.