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Asckey has been providing FM software solutions since 1995. We provide modular Facilities Management Software, HSCN Hosting and Bespoke Development.

Any new technology comes at a cost and it’s just not always possible to buy an entire package in one go, especially when you might not be using much of its functionality on a regular basis. This is why we make our software products modular instead of creating one big FM system. For many organisations it is a more cost-effective option, in both the short and long term, to buy just the part you need when you need it and retain the flexibility and financial control to add-on other parts of the software package as and when the time is right, or budgets allow.

We firmly believe that this is part of the reason our client relationships are so positive. From the outset, we’re all clear about the commitment being made, but our clients know they can come to us with their suggestions and questions so we can create a positive working relationship. Our software is built with our clients in mind, and therefore it’s important to us, and to you, that we are flexible in our development to make adaptations that can enhance the user experience.

fmfirst Cleaning
Many of our clients begin their journey with us by purchasing fmfirst® Cleaning as this piece of software is configured around the standards required to meet the National Cleaning Standards audit requirements.

The guarantee our software brings around compliance is a huge selling point for teams who are juggling so many demands on their time.

fmfirst Tasking
fmfirst® Tasking has been designed to offer organisations a cost-effective, stand-alone task management solution that helps you to better collate and analyse data. By doing so, resources can be allocated better, the life cycle of assets can be extended, and overall costs can be reduced.

Its clean design enables users to easily create defect and planned work whilst enabling users to manage and report on tasks remotely with ease.

fmfirst Survey
fmfirst® Survey provides a digital survey tool that can accommodate a wide range of audits and inspections and is our most flexible application.

Although it comes with pre-built templates, users can build their own question sets and create their own survey templates. The audit management software collates and analyses the results and provides a one-stop-shop platform for all the data. The comprehensive reporting function allows users to identify high-risk areas, trends, and opportunities for development.

fmfirst Estates
Computer Aided Facilities Management, CAFM, software is an incredibly large data resource, managing tasks, assets, and everything in between. Not only can it help organisations to evidence that compliance standards are met, but it can also help to effectively manage maintenance tasks that can support and improve an asset’s lifespan.

Used by NHS Trusts across the UK, our estates management module, fmfirst® Estates has evolved over many years. The software is also available as a downloadable app for mobile devices to help complete the various daily requirements of the facilities management world on the go.

Company overview
We are accredited with ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environmental) and ISO 27001 (Data Security). We are also Cyber Essentials Plus certified, which is a more widely recognised form of security accreditation, and we are a registered Crown Commercial Service Supplier.

Quality begins right at the initial concept of our products. They must be designed properly, not only to work effectively but so that we are able to measure the work they do in an effective way. This includes accepting that we may need to tweak and develop a product as our clients use it and their requirements evolve. For this reason, the initial purchase of any of our products includes the inevitable expense of having to adjust going forward.

Our FM software is all about helping you to deliver an efficient and effective service that people can trust, so it’s only right that behind the product, our company is based on the same ethos.

Whether you’re looking for a tailored FM software package, or something more bespoke, the one thing that never changes is our commitment to client care.

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