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Monitoring Air Quality is an essential part of securing a sustainable future, as air pollution significantly impacts both the environment and human health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a staggering 90% of the global population breathes polluted air, leading to various health issues, including strokes, heart diseases, lung cancer, acute and chronic respiratory conditions. Understanding air quality data is imperative to assess the negative health impacts caused by pollution and its financial burden on healthcare systems like the NHS. Furthermore, this data empowers the Trust community to take actionable steps towards patient engagement and raising awareness.

EarthSense, born out of the University of Leicester has over 15 years of air quality expertise, providing award-winning solutions for air quality monitoring. With its strong academic heritage, EarthSense provides cutting-edge technology and software solutions that enable individuals to address environmental challenges by analysing air quality data and mitigating the impact of harmful pollutants on human health.

EarthSense actively supports air quality projects worldwide and is supporting air quality projects in the healthcare sector to achieve its goals. In bespoke projects such as reducing facilities' environmental impact, supporting transformations into clean air hospitals, and behavioural change campaigns to encourage active travel.

EarthSense’s industry-leading air quality monitor, the Zephyr®, allows for effortless collection of accurate air quality data and allows keeping track of evidence-based targets. The Zephyr® is an award-winning, indicative, certified air quality monitor that monitors a range of pollutants, including NO, NO2, O3, CO, SO2, H2S, CO2, TVOC, PM1, PM2.5 and PM10. Real-time air quality measurements allow for continuous monitoring and a clear understanding of air quality concentrations at the monitor's location. Recently awarded indicative MCERTS, an internationally recognised standard regarding ambient air monitoring for indicative ambient particulate monitors. It has a selection of placement and power options including mains, battery, or solar power to ensure the monitor is best suitable for its chosen environment.

The cutting-edge web application, MyAir®, which is included with every purchase of a Zephyr®, allows you to generate comprehensive air quality data reports to inform decision-making. It makes analysing of trends and patterns in air quality data, pinpointing challenges, and interpreting air quality efficient and easy. And MyAir® helps achieve evidence-based targets, offering certified, accurate, and easily accessible air quality data reports, straight from the web application.

By implementing a publicly available air quality portal, that shows current and potentially concerning, air pollution levels to inspire hospital visitors and staff to reduce their environmental impact and help shift transportation around your facilities. The portal can present pollution concentrations with an Air Quality Index (AQI) alongside relevant health advice and behavioural suggestions. To encourage the reduction of individual exposure to air pollutant sources, especially those more vulnerable, and to help safeguard those around healthcare sites.

To ensure the safety of vulnerable staff, visitors, and patients, MyAir® also offers air quality forecasting and automated alerts. Users can set up limits for pollutant measures and receive alerts when air pollution spikes, with personalised health advice to encourage behavioural change.

EarthSense’s innovative MappAir® model, powering MyAir®, provides high-resolution visualizations of air quality using advanced modelling techniques and cloud-based data inputs, including transport and weather data. Machine learning technologies create actionable insights into pollution trends worldwide. With MappAir®, users can identify key emission sources within specific areas of interest, accessing historic and predictive air quality data for a more comprehensive understanding of local air quality and its impact on hospital admissions and the surrounding community.

For those on a limited budget or seeking to expand their network swiftly, Virtual Zephyrs present a cost-effective and flexible solution. These virtual monitors use modelled points from the MappAir® model through the MyAir® web application, providing air quality data, that is comparable to indicative continuous monitoring technology, in places where physical hardware does not exist. By selecting an area of interest, Virtual Zephyrs fill the gaps in locations where hardware isn’t or can’t be deployed.

When choosing to work with EarthSense, you can be confident in the highest accredited data quality, easily accessible on a state-of-the-art air quality data platform. Moreover, you will have access to leading experts in the field to support your project from start to finish. Additionally, the Zephyr® subscription plan leaves you with peace of mind, providing expert support and troubleshooting, a full warranty, and replacement cartridges with no limitations or hidden extras.

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