OHLRO Hartschaum GmbH: Your expert for high-quality packaging in the healthcare sector
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OHLRO Hartschaum GmbH has earned an excellent reputation in the manufacture of high-quality packaging for the healthcare sector. We specialise in the development and production of packaging solutions that optimally meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry with regard to medicines, generics, vaccines, blood products and laboratory samples. Our products are particularly suitable for conducting clinical studies as well as for the field of cell and gene therapy, as they meet high demands in terms of temperature stability and transport protection.

Our philosophy: Maximum quality and protection of your temperature-sensitive products

Our philosophy is to manufacture products that enable the quality and safety of your sensitive health products during transport. The requirements in the healthcare sector are high and we are proud to produce packaging that meets these requirements. Our focus is on producing packaging that is not only high quality but also capable of maintaining the integrity of your products even under the most difficult climatic conditions.

Innovative material combinations for exceptional running times and temperature maintenance

A key aspect of our packaging solutions is the use of high-quality material combinations that enable exceptional temperature retention. This is crucial as many health products are sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Our approach combines advanced insulation materials with custom-tailored design solutions to ensure that desired temperatures are maintained over time. Our packaging is designed to provide adequate protection even in extreme temperatures.

Flexible product temperatures for versatile applications

We understand that our customers' requirements are diverse. That is why we have developed packaging that allows a wide range of product temperatures. Whether you need to transport medicines at room temperature, chilled or frozen, our products offer the flexibility you need. This is particularly important when delivering vaccines, laboratory samples and other critical health products where maintaining specific temperature ranges is of utmost importance. Our packaging is designed to function reliably in a variety of environments to ensure the safety of your products.

Qualified packaging according to ISTA7D standards

To ensure that our packaging meets the highest quality standards, we carry out comprehensive packaging qualifications in accordance with ISTA7D guidelines in our own climate chamber in Strausberg. This rigorous testing ensures that our packaging functions reliably even under extreme conditions and protects your products safely. ISTA7D is an internationally recognised standard that ensures packaging meets the requirements of modern healthcare. Our qualified packaging guarantees the highest quality and reliability.

Specialised in clinical trials and cell and gene therapy

Our expertise spans various areas of healthcare, but clinical trials and the fields of cell and gene therapy in particular require temperature-controlled packaging. In clinical trials, drugs and vaccines often have to be transported over long periods of time and under changing conditions. Our packaging ensures the integrity of your products throughout the study process. In the field of cell and gene therapy, where proper temperature control is critical, our solutions offer safety and reliability. Breakthrough advances in cell and gene therapy require a new generation of packaging to meet these demands. Our products help to ensure that promising therapeutic approaches can be delivered safely and effectively.

Sustainability and environmental awareness

At OHLRO Hartschaum GmbH, we are also committed to sustainability and environmental protection. Our packaging solutions are designed to minimise waste and reduce environmental impact through 100% recycling. We are always striving to continuously reduce our environmental footprint. Through the durability of our packaging, we also contribute to minimising the consumption of resources and protecting the environment. Our sustainability efforts are a sign of our responsibility towards the environment and future generations.

Our concern is to protect your products

OHLRO Hartschaum GmbH has made it its business to protect your products and drive progress in the health sector. With our innovative packaging solutions, we help to ensure that medicines, generics, vaccines, blood products and laboratory samples reach their destination safely and with optimal quality. Our high-quality material combinations, flexible product temperature options and strict quality standards make us a reliable partner for companies in the healthcare sector. We are proud to be an important part of your supply chain and to contribute to improving healthcare worldwide.

Contact us today to discuss custom-tailored packaging solutions to meet your specific requirements. We look forward to working with you to ensure the safety and quality of your products. With OHLRO Hartschaum GmbH, you have a partner at your side on whom you can rely in every respect.

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