Water Hygiene - Control of Legionella
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Water management (Hygiene) is an essential element in healthcare settings as it directly impacts on the quality of medical care and safety of staff and patients.  Water quality should not and must not be marginalised or treated as a ‘less important’ issue on the list of clinical risks.  But the  truth is that, on occasions, when we hear of outbreaks of Legionella (or other water borne bacterium), the cause may well be either poor water quality or substandard practices in respect of the maintenance of water installations.

So ongoing control and upkeep of the water hygiene in healthcare is the key component of a good clinical risk management strategy.

TWO Facilities Management Ltd based in West Yorkshire, delivers ‘hands-on’ support services to our clients on water management (hygiene), whether mobile clinical units or static sites (buildings).

We are registered with the Legionella Control Association and the Managing Director of TWO FM Ltd is a Senior Member of the Water Management Society.

Over 15 years’ experience working in clinical environments, including clinical mobile units.

  • Our Services Include: 
  • Legionella Risk Assessment 
  • Chemical Clean of Hot and Cold-Water Systems
  • Water Sampling 
  • Monitoring Services (Regular/Statutory Tasks)
  • Training in Control of Legionella (On Site)
  • Consultancy (Provision of Required Solutions)  

TWO FM Ltd has the experience of having delivered legionella risk assessment (LRA) reports in many varied settings, with a particular focus on clinical environments.  We have produced LRAs for sites in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Clinical settings like PET CT, MRI, DEXA, Cardiac, Endoscopy, ENT, Mammography where our clients have needed our support have been given high priority in terms of commitment and service delivery status.

In a similar context we have supported clinics where chemical cleans of water systems needed to be carried out and, following them, water sampling was carried out to verify the efficacy of the cleans.

We have worked on many clinical mobile units where water installations needed to reflect the highest standard of cleanliness.  For that we have created bespoke method statements on how to safely and effectively deliver chemical disinfections.

We deliver on-site training to empower our clients to learn how to be compliant and, at the same time, to enable them to save money by knowing how to limit the use of water specialist contractors.

Tomek Olesinski MA, MSc, CIWFM, M.W.M.Soc (Snr)
Managing Director