Mock ward opens for students to practise in

Henly College in Oxfordshire has created mock wards for its T-level health students.

The two wards are designed to offer students practical skills in healthcare.

The wards feature hospital beds and interactive dummies which can be given CPR and have cannulas inserted.

There is also wheelchairs, stethoscopes and blood pressure machines.

The college principal Satwant Deol said: “This initiative is about the students being able to imagine themselves in a work role. It’s making work become a reality rather than studying just being about classrooms.

“It’s a joy to see these young people so engaged and excited about their course. They have a great future ahead of them."

Eamonn Sullivan, chief nurse at the Royal Berkshire Hospital NHS Trust, said: “This is a real long-term commitment for us.

“It’s about the opportunities for the NHS and this is where it starts. Facilities like this are what give the students excitement, motivation and insight into their future careers.

“It is important to us that we can then take them on board to learn in our hospitals and show them what an amazing career they’re working towards.

“With all the pressure and issues the NHS is having at the moment, it’s easy to think it’s not a great place to work but it’s a fantastic place to work.

“This is a great initiative and great facility and we’re very proud to have become the key pipeline whether they want to do their undergraduate degree or go straight into the NHS.”

Second year student Holly Kkais said: “I’ve wanted to be a nurse for a long time and we’re very lucky to have access to things like this.

“I feel that we’re learning a lot better than if we were just sitting in a classroom because you can get confident in your skills before moving on to a job.”