Digital services for NHS Wales to be upgraded
A doctor in scrubs with a stethescope and a tablet device

NHS Wales is set to benefit from funding to upgrade digital services and equipment.

£10 million has been announced in additional capital funding to upgrade scanning equipment and digital infrastructure.

The funding package includes £5 million for digital services to modernise elements of the IT infrastructure and support the provision of modernised and efficient patient care; £1 million to upgrade MRI scanners; and £1.3 million for ultrasound scanning equipment.

The funding comes as the Welsh Government publishes its second supplementary budget – an annual, end-of-year budget, which formalises changes made during 2023 to 24.

The second supplementary budget includes changes the finance minister already announced in October 2023 to provide additional support to the NHS.

The Welsh Government provided additional in-year support of £425 million to the NHS to help meet increased cost pressures and rising demand.

Rebecca Evans, minister for finance and local government said: "The UK Government confirmed the final sums last week, leaving us only one week to allocate additional funds.

"I’m pleased that we have been able to direct much-needed funding to maintain the fabric of our NHS.

"But at a time when public sector budgets have been squeezed so tightly, this is another example of why we need greater borrowing powers to be able to respond quickly to emerging needs."

Eluned Morgan, minister for health and social services added: "This additional capital funding, together with the in-year revenue funding is welcome.

"But the NHS is facing the toughest financial pressures in recent history due to inflation and increased demand in both planned and emergency care. Health boards have had to make some very difficult decisions despite the additional injection of funding over and above their allocated budgets."