Over 100 extra London pharmacies are now offering Covid jab

London’s NHS is urging all eligible Londoners yet to be vaccinated against coronavirus or receive their booster jab to come forward, as over 100 additional pharmacies across the city open.

Pharmacies are now providing just over a third of vaccinations in the capital, making it even easier for Londoners to get vaccinated locally. Located in every borough, from independent providers to high street chains, pharmacies have delivered a fifth of vaccines so far to Londoners, and have been able to offer expert health advice at the same time.

The 127 extra pharmacies nearly doubles the total number in London offering the life-saving vaccine, bringing the total to 262.

This winter, London pharmacies are also offering flu jabs for those vulnerable to severe illness from flu, which is safe to get at the same time as the coronavirus vaccine.

Andrew Lane, chair at the National Pharmacy Association, said: “Pharmacies in the capital have played a key role in the NHS response to Covid-19, and it is good that the number of pharmacies involved in the vaccine programme is increasing.

“People rightly see pharmacies as a highly convenient and trusted location for healthcare. We urge people to get fully protected against Covid-19, for their own safety and for the sake of others in their families and the community around them.”