Top 10 Health Business Features of 2020

After a year of more challenges than most, we take a look back at our most read Health Business features of 2020

Panel of Experts: Technology

Christine Walters, Ian Brewer, Ian Hazel and Ikenna Emenyonu formed our 2020 ICT Panel of Experts, in which we discussed the interoperability of healthcare systems, the role of the patient in digital transformation and the engagement of clinical staff

Panel of Experts: Technology

Panel of Experts: Parking

Stewart Clure and Grahame Rose collaborated in September to answer some questions on the current state of NHS parking, providing expert analysis on everything from the short- and long-term impacts of the pandemic on NHS sites to the role of technology in parking management

Maintaining indoor humidity levels key to fighting the virus

In April, with much in the news covering the social impact of the coronavirus outbreak, Dr. Stephanie Taylor discussed in Health Business magazine the need to ensure public buildings, such as schools and hospitals, have a humidity level so that viruses cannot spread

Supporting the government’s response to Covid-19

In July, recent winners at the HB Awards, NHS Supply Chain, wrote for Health Business about how they’ve been working to deliver products to the NHS, particularly PPE, during the Covid-19 pandemic

Supporting the government’s response to Covid-19

NHS crisis to worsen from post-Brexit immigration rules

Jack Yates, content writer for the Immigration Advice Service; an organisation of UK and Ireland based immigration lawyers, discussed the shortfalls of the NHS Visa and the new Immigration Bill in this article for Health Business

Providing secure capability for patients to use health apps

A key focus of the Long Term Plan is empowering people to take control of their own health care - creating a safe and secure means of accessing their health information is critical to that, wrote Melissa Ruscoe, head of the NHS login programme at NHS Digital

Panel of Experts: Pandemic Recovery

Given the current challenges facing the NHS, likely to be heightened as we head into 2021, the thoughts of our September Panel of Experts who analysed the NHS response to coronavirus, the next step in improving facilities and future working patterns to improve efficiency, seem as important now as they did a few months ago

Panel of Experts: Pandemic Recovery

Building a fire safety culture in health facilities

Dr David Gold and Neil Vincer, both from IOSH, discussed how organisations can ensure that a sustainable workplace fire safety culture is incorporated to all staff in a hospital setting

Meeting the sustainability goals of the NHS Long Term Plan

At the end of the Summer, David Powlesland, senior manager at the Carbon Trust, asked what role does the health sector have to play in tackling the climate emergency? In this article, he shared his thoughts

Meeting the sustainability goals of the NHS Long Term Plan

Making the NHS sustainable for our communities

With the NHS about to embark on the largest hospitals building programme for decades, Katja Lacey explained for Health Business why there exists a unique opportunity for the NHS to help create sustainable communities which promote health and well-being

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